Having used digital tools and techniques in many projects, I realise that digital technology encourages interest in what is possible, what is new, which sometimes leads to ideology that is speculative and variable than factual. After our initial experiment with printing small intricate objects at MCAM (Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing) last November, I return to work with AMAERO & MCAM scientists to further experiment with possibilities and limitations of additive manufacturing technology.

The focus of my project is not purely about finding solutions for the issues in 3D technology but to explore unfamiliar tools and techniques to shape my material and practice.

I am particularly interested in the idea of ‘tree supports’ in 3D printing but  I will spend the first few weeks of my residency at AMAERO designing a few small models for AMAERO and MCAM to learn more about printing with metal powder. As with my previous projects, my intention is not about imitating things as they are but to explore the potential for ‘ready-made’ imagery of our time. The tiny plant-like support structures present many possibilities for me to create sculptural forms that are unmistakably influenced by the distinctive features of 3D printing. Of course, my collaborative partners and I will also look at issues of material wastage and constraints when creating models for printability.




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